Saunders 10k Race Report – Updated

Tonight was the Saunders 10k in Rye Harbor, NH. Last year I ran this race and came in with a then PR of 57:48. Since then I got a new PR in June at the Market Square Day 10k, coming in 57:15. Given that today was day 81 of consecutive running days, I was hoping to see a new PR. However, it was supposed to be in the 80s today, so I wasn’t holding my breath for any fantastic running.

Boy, was I wrong. I got a PR by MORE than two minutes! Official finish time…54:58!! A course PR by almost three minutes and a distance PR by two.

View of the harbor near the race start…

My plan was to run 9 minute miles if possible. That would have given me a finish time around 56:00. My first mile I was close to that pace, I ran it in 8:50. The first four miles were close to the 8:50 pace. I felt good. It had cooled off as the sun went lower in the sky (the race started at 6PM). And there were hills, small hills, but hills. I love hills. I kicked into gear on each hill and really pushed up them. At two points in the race, I actually swore at myself out loud. One was somewhere in the middle when I hit a hill and DIDN’T kick it into gear, so yelled at myself to GET UP THAT HILL. The second time was just at the last turn. I looked down at my watch and new I could really smoke my previous time, so I didn’t want to come in slow. A few choice words with myself and I sped it up for the final 0.1 mile.

The BEST part, aside from an awesome race time, is that the Saunders 10k only gives shirts to a certain number of people. You have to finish in the top number of people for you age group and gender. I didn’t even come close to getting one last year. But, GUESS WHO EARNED A SHIRT? That’s right, ME. I’ve gotten a lot of race shirts in the last couple of years, but THIS one is the best by far because I EARNED it.

Here are the splits (YAY! negative splits!!)
Mile 1 – 8:51
Mile 2 – 8:55
Mile 3 – 8:51
Mile 4 – 8:49
Mile 5 – 8:40
Mile 6 – 8:42
0.2 – 2.15

Update: For my gender and age group, you had to be one of the first 115 finishers, I was 97!!!

  • http://www.vitor-pereira.com Vitor Pereira

    Congrats! You definitively earned it!

  • Ed Lee

    Good results and good consistent pacing.

    Well done

  • http://twitter.com/angryjohnny John Noltensmeyer

    Congratulations on the PR and the shirt Kathy!

  • http://blogbigb.blogspot.com Brian

    Awesome job! I like their system of giving out shirts, puts a little competition into the mix. I hope to do it next year! PR, WOOO!

  • http://null Norman Cox

    Glad to see another person in the community trying to dispel the whole doughnut eating, couch potato, computer geek stero type.

    Congratulations on blowing your goal out of the water. Wear your shirt proudly.


  • http://www.greyhawk68.com Greyhawk68

    Really proud of you dear. Way to attack this thing and make it yours!

  • http://www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    Thanks everyone! It is motivating during a run to think about tweeting and blogging about it. I run faster so I have something good to blog about! Emoticon

  • http://www.CaptainOblivious.com Rob McDonagh

    Great job. Looks like this crazy ‘run every day’ idea of yours is really paying off. And isn’t it completely awesome to really earn the prize? Love it when that happens.

  • http://jonvon.net John Vaughan

    congrats on the results – very cool! must be neat to see a concrete payoff for all that hard work.