Smuttynose Half Marathon – Race Report

Today I ran the Smuttynore Half Marathon in Hampton, NH. As I posted last week, I had three goals. One of which, was my super secret goal. This is the dream goal. Not the goal you actually think you will reach, but one you aspire to. That goal was to break 2 hours. My previous best time for a half marathon was 2:11.

So, the race report. First I have to say what a great race this is. VERY well run. Before the race even began several weeks ago, I couldn’t remember if I had registered or not. I emailed the race contact and they quickly responded. They indicated I was not registered, but tried very hard to help me, asking if there might be another name I was registered under. Turns out, I am just forgetful and hadn’t registered. So, I registered. Which was good, because the race closed out and there was no race day registration.

Today marked 126 days of running every day. I had high hopes of breaking my PR, and even had secret hopes of reaching my super secret goal.

I couldn’t ask for a better race start location. First, it’s by the beach. I love the beach and the ocean. Secondly, my mother-in-laws house was about 1/4 mile from the start. So, I got there early, picked up my race number and timing chip and went back to her house to relax until race time. Race start was 10AM, so at 9:30, we rallied the troops and headed over to the start. My mother-in-law, husband and two kids would be there to cheer me on.

The race began and I had a little confusion as there was no starting mat that I crossed over. Usually when a race is chip timed, there is a rubber mat that you cross at the start. That is when I start my watch. No rubber mat meant I had no idea where the actual start was and no idea when to start my watch. At some point, I just assumed I must have missed it and started my watch.

The miles went by relatively easy and quickly at the start of the race. In order to hit 2 hours, I needed to run 9:09 minute miles. I was consistently running 9:09 or less.

This was a VERY interesting race. I used to live in Hampton. At the beginning of the race, I passed by a house that I lived in one winter. Another part of the race went down the road I used to drive to and from work for several years. Yet another part of the race passed by the beach I got engaged on. I passed the neighborhood where we bought our first house. A little run down memory lane.

Also interesting and fun, were my thoughts. Two hours is a long time. You think about a lot of stuff. In particular, I thought about a lot of my Twitter friends. I had tweeted before the race and many had tweeted back. Francie gave me a cheer, which made me laugh at several points throughout the race. I thought about things people have posted. Like Francie (again) posting that hilarious video where Elmo gets bleeped. Cracking myself up while running thinking of Elmo saying “Bleep you, Baby”. I ran fast for you guys. I really wanted to be able to tweet that I broke two hours. I didn’t tweet that, but I think my tweet may have been equally amusing.

So anyway, not sure how…according to my Garmin I hit the target mile pace for every mile, but my finish time was officially 2:01:21. A fabulous, wonderful PR by 10 minutes, but a tragic miss of my super secret goal by just 1 minute and 21 seconds.

More on how well the race was run, the after race goodies were great. FREE BEER with NO LINE. They were just lined up on a table for the taking. And pizza, and granola, and drinks, and vegetable soup. Again, all lined up and waiting for runners with no lines. AND KLONDIKE BARS!! You can’t beat a race that has Klondike bars. Very well run, well organized. I would love to do this race again next year.

The stats, if you’re interested:

1 – 9:12
2 – 9:09
3 – 9:09
4 – 8:54
5 – 9:01
6 – 9:09
7 – 9:00
8 – 9:04
9 – 8:58
10 – 9:06
11 – 9:00
12 – 9:08
13 – 8:55
0.35 (according to Garmin) – 3:26

  • http://twitter.com/angryjohnny John Noltensmeyer

    Congratulations on an outstanding run!

  • http://blog.visitusinanguilla.com francie

    Aw, glad my silly postings helped in any way. Figured the pom poms and cheerleading outfit would do it.

    Congrats on your accomplishment.
    If it helps, I thought about you while dancing on the beach for two hours, with a rum punch in my hand :)

  • http://www.groupwarenews.com Tim Lorge

    Ya know … my brother works on GPS at the FAA. He told me there was a glitch with signals to/from NH today. Funnily enough, they were off by 1 min 40! Perhaps the smell of Smuttynose was interfering … I don’t know. I can’t even say for sure. What I do know is that that is my story … and, to use the oft used cliche, I’m sticking to it! Emoticon

  • http://www.groupwarenews.com Tim Lorge

    Oh and … congrats on the PR! Emoticon

  • http://www.bothxp.co.uk BothXP

    Many Congratulations, if there were no timing mats at the start they may just have measured your gun time. Maybe ..

    Any plans for a full marathon?

  • http://http//www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    Thanks everyone!

    @5 – That could be part of it, but I doubt it took me 1:21 to cross the mat, so no excuses…I missed it. That’s okay, gives me a goal for next time.

    Someday the full marathon is in the plans, but not for a while. The hours it would take for training just aren’t there for me right now. Maybe in a few years.