Use The Tools – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I blogged Use The Tools, about using tools to help you. Yes, you could do it the hard way, but why? Last time I wrote about Noteman. Today I want to mention Stephan Wissel’s DXL Magic. I wrote about it way back in May 2009. I happened to need it again yesterday and luckily I checked OpenNTF to see if there was an updated version. Guess what? There is! And it’s super easy to use! Lots of options, easy to use interface.

In my particular instance, I wanted to search through a database to find where particular views were being used. I had reason to believe there were several unused views in the application, but I wanted to be sure I didn’t have some code somewhere that called them. Enter DXLMagic. I simply used the Export button to export the design of the entire application into an XML file. Using XMLPad, I easily searched for the names and aliases of the views. Stephan has added lots of other really cool features in here and it’s FREE! So don’t do more work than you have to! Use the tools!

Here is a screen shot of the Windows version…


  • http://www.wissel.net/ Stephan H. Wissel

    Thx for the flowers. I’m currently working on 2 enhancements: one is to move the code into a Notes client plug-in (eventually switching off the Inject and view tuning parts unless designer is present) and adding more useful reports (I suck @ report layout). And of course make the ViewTuning code work — on my blog soon.
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