What’s Your Favorite Tool?

I’ve had some recent blog entries on using the tools, like DXL Magic or Noteman. Frequently as developers, we think, I’ll just do it myself. We code things, that’s our job, so we ignore the tools that may be available to us. Or maybe we think they’re too expensive. Whatever the reason, I find myself realizing that some tools save me so much time that they are worth the cost. Whether that cost is actual money, or just a piece of my pride (What?! You didn’t just code something yourself?!).

Sadly, sometimes I don’t look at a tool because it does too much. I don’t have the time to spend to figure it all out, or what it can do for me.

So, what are your favorite tools as a Domino developer? Why is it your favorite tool? What do you use it for?

  • http://nathan.lotus911.com Nathan T. Freeman


  • http://www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    Allow me to clarify, what is your favorite Domino development tool that is readily available to other developers? Emoticon

  • Dan Sickles

    Firebug. Because not using it is stupid.

    Pynt (my own personal tool). Because I just like an interactive command line interface to NSFs.

  • http://www.stickfight.co.uk Mark Myers

    editpad pro

  • Dragon%20Cotterill

    So many. But here is one I use almost everyday.

    { Link }

    What do I use it for? Debugging BlackBerry Server state databases, mail files, tweaking apps, and playing pranks on co-workers.

  • http://www.eknori.de ulrich krause

    Ytria EZ Suite.Firebug, notepad++

  • http://www.bleedyellow.com/blogs/texasswede Karl-Henry Martinsson

    I use a bunch of tools, as I blogged about here: { Link }

    But my vote for favorite tool would be for the NoteMan suite from MartinScott.

    I also use a couple of tools from Ytria and TeamStudio fairly frequently.

  • http://www.DomBlog.de Jens Polster

    Ytria EZSuite (esp. scanEZ), Teamstudio Confgurator, LotusScript class browser, LSGoto, notepad++, Aptana, Firebug

  • Werner Motzet

    As I am not a Developer but a Team- and Projectleader I prefer Teamstudio Delta and for “Database documentation and code-quality auditing” Teamstudio analyzer. Firebug.

  • http://null Ferry Kranenburg

    Lotus Designer & Source Sniffer ({ Link } or Lotusscript Manager ({ Link } both freely available on OpenNTF Emoticon

  • http://www.timtripcony.com Tim Tripcony

    This may seem surprising, since Domino doesn’t have native support for it, but over the last 6 months, the most crucial tool in my own Domino development has been SVN. A close second, of course, is Medusa.

    But Nathan’s right, by the way: I am a tool. Emoticon

  • http://www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    Thank all for the responses!!

  • http://bobzblog.com Bob Balaban

    Eclipse (for Java coding/debugging), NotesPeek (for seeing what’s REALLY in a document, Visual Studio (for C++ and .net coding/debugging), XMLPad

  • http://www.DomBlog.de Jens Polster

    I forgot to mention Mikkel’s excellent LotusScript.doc { Link } for creating a nice documentation of my code. The lsdoc syntax is the standard code comment style at my company.

  • http://mail.com alex

    Thank all { Link }