Proxy Toggles for IE and Firefox

I use the same laptop at home and in the office. In the office, I am required to use a proxy to access the internet. At home, I don’t require a proxy. Going back and forth between the two on both IE and Firefox was driving me sort of crazy. There really is no easy one-click way to turn the proxy settings on or off.

So, I found two tools (yes, one for each browser) that do just that.

For firefox, I recommend the free add-on Toggle Proxy 1.1 and unfortunately not free, but worth it because it actually works, Proxy Toolbar for MSIE v 1.4.

Both of these add-ons add a simple button or toggle to the browser. Once you have set up your proxy information, it is then only a single click to turn on or turn off the proxy.

  • Manu

    I’ve been working on a thinkpad for as long as… no, i don’t wanna remember … and it has this cool tool called “access connections” which detects the network you’re on, and allows defining proxies, preferred printers, network settings etc… per location, to which it automagically switches when it detects i have arrived at another location. Saves me heaps of time when i visit one customer, go home, go to the office, get to another customer,…
    I have no idea whether it works on non-thinkpads