Introducing NotesDevTips

Inspired by the session that Tom “Duffbert” Duff and I did at Lotusphere, “The Top Things All New Notes Domino Developers Need To Know”, we have started @NotesDevTips on Twitter.

We will post simple (it has to fit in 140 characters) tips for Lotus Notes Developers. Please follow, retweet and most importantly reply with your tips! We will retweet your tips, so send them in!

  • http://elguji.com Bruce Elgort

    Cool!!! Hopefully Twitter won’t mangle @Formulas for Twitter names.

  • http://www.IdoNotes.com Chris Miller

    I just want to know if you put @formulas in there will it send replies to those codes instead

  • http://www.timtripcony.com Tim Tripcony

    @Bruce, it will… and @DbLookup seems surly.

  • http://www.yancylent.com Yancy Lent

    jealous -> twitter.com/if
    { Link }