Marathon Training Starts Tomorrow

Well, that snuck up on me. Tomorrow is the beginning of my marathon training. (HOLY COW!)

I looked at a couple of programs and settled on one from The Runner’s Handbook. (Incidentally, a book I highly recommend for runners. Affiliate link below.) For the first half marathon I ever ran, I trained with a group. For the second and third, I used Hal Higdon’s plans. For whatever reason, this plan just looked more appealing to me. The mid-week runs don’t quite get as high, but with the same mileage. It looks like I could keep the daily streak going as well just by running one mile on the “rest” days.

It looks like I’ll hit my first new mileage day (15 miles) at the end of July, probably while traveling to IamLUG, so that should be interesting.

This week should be “easy”, one- and three-mile runs, with a six-miler on the weekend. Part of me thinks, “wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” and part of me thinks “what the F*ck have I done?”.

  • http://www.curiousmitch.com Mitch Cohen

    Good luck with the training, when I saw the title I immediately wondered how it would impact your running streak, but I see you have it all figured out Emoticon

  • http://www.timtripcony.com Tim Tripcony

    Remember, the first guy who ever ran a marathon died the moment he crossed the finish line. So don’t do that, ’cause I’d miss you. Emoticon

  • Barry

    Kathy – always remember the two goals of marathon training:

    1) get to the finish line

    but just as important is:

    2) get to the starting line

    don’t train so hard that you injure yourself and can’t run on race day

    good luck