Nerd Girl Run – Part 1

It’s been a week and I’m a little late blogging an IamLUG write-up, but what the heck. Conferences in general seem to mean more to many of us than just conferences, and IamLUG was no exception. So please forgive me if this post is more than just reporting on a conference. (And really, if you read this blog, you aren’t here looking for journalism or news anyway).

So, somehow, Jess Stratton, aka @mattandjess, now aka @NerdGirlJess on Twitter, asked me if I wanted to drive down to St. Louis for IamLUG. For now unknown reasons, I agreed. Oddly enough, I didn’t once look at what route we would take, or how long it would take, I just said yes. As time got nearer, Jess and I did briefly chat.

Me: “How long will it take?”
Jess: “Let me check. Google says about 20 hours. So we’ll do it in 2 days”
Me: “Okay.”

Later logistics included deciding who would bring snacks versus beverages. We decided the week before that I would drive to Jess’ house in Rhode Island on Friday. We would drive from Rhode Island as far as we could on Saturday, crash in a hotel somewhere and then drive the rest on Sunday. That’s as detailed as the plan got.

And so, following the plan, I arrived at Jess’ house Friday night. Late. Did I mention it was late? I think was 3AM or something crazy when we finally went to bed. And we got up at 5:00 AM. Yes, you read that right, 5:00 AM. So I could run. I ran. A single mile, in the dark. According to the tweets. Oh. Did I mention we tweeted this? We used the hashtag #NerdGirlRun (Nerd Girls do Cannonball Run or something like that). At 6:32 AM, we tweeted the beginning of #NerdGirlRun.

We exuberantly hopped in the car. And promptly drove straight to Starbucks. But hey, it was in Connecticut, so we felt accomplished. We snapped this pic, and took off…only to have disaster strike…


  • http://www.fastfoodzen.com Garrett Wolthuis

    [blue]only to have disaster strike…[/blue]

    You’re such a TEASE!