Nerd Girl Run – Part 2

So we left off with impending disaster…

We had just stopped at Starbucks for some coffee. The guy behind the counter perplexed me. I was wearing a shirt that said, “Geek is the new black”. He asked me what kind of geek I was. Uh…the geeky kind? Is geek so cool now that we must define our brand of geek only to be shunned by “cool” geeks?


Jess was driving. I was passengering. We were slowly coming awake. I must take a moment and describe our ride. Many of you may know of Jenna. Jenna is Jess’ car. A totally cool MINI that Jess has seriously pimped out for autocross. Now one of the pimp-ations was tires. Jenna has got some bounce. And wouldn’t you know it, just before I took a sip of my MEDIUM (suck it Starbucks!) HOT coffee, we hit a bump. A bump that somehow popped the lid off of my scalding hot coffee and caused it to erupt all over me, my seat, the floor and my purse. DISASTER! Hence forth known as the “Coffee Incident of 2010″. Sadly, this happened not once, but twice.

We quickly drove through Connecticut, New York (“trailer!”) and New Jersey. Just before the Pennsylvania, we switched drivers! A practice drive for me from a McDonalds to a Starbucks and we were on our way. Just in time for Pennsylvania traffic. And Pennsylvania road signs, “Be Alert Heavy Truck Traffic”. How about some punctuation, PA? I think the road was getting to us. A few hours sleep, four plus hours of driving and we found road signs to be hysterical.

We stopped for lunch at the oh-so-lovely-but-ubiquitous Cracker Barrel. Where I was “sooooo hungry. Had to restrain myself from knocking an old woman out of my way”. And Jess was so hungry she forgot to use the NerdGirlRun hashtag!

The Nerd Girl Run playlist was born:

“Shut Up and Drive” – Rihanna
“The Road” – Tenacious D
“Every Woman in the World” – Air Supply (cuz that’s how I roll)
“Truly” – Lionel Ritchie (which Jess didn’t know. sigh.)
“What’s Your Fantasy?” – Ludacris
“Love Song” – Sara Bareilles
“Something About You” – Level 42

Coming up in part 3 – Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, more Pennsylvania and AMISH PR0N!

  • http://www.momelettes.com Jess Stratton

    Actually, the entire suspension has been redone, and that is why it was so bumpy. The new tires are actually the most soft part of the car. If the runflats were still on, drinking coffee would not have even been an option at all! Emoticon


  • http://www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    Oh sure, correct me and point out my total ignorance re: cars. Emoticon

  • Jess Stratton

    Hey, I had to email you while reading your part 1 to remind me what the first crisis was. And we went through an entire city without even NOTICING – there was a lot of ignorance that week. Emoticon

  • http://null Norman Cox

    I thought I was the only one who insisted on calling a medium coffee, a medium coffee at all the coffee places. I thought it was the crotchety old guy coming out of me. Guess not.

    Also, a road trip with my family usually has a Cracker Barrel map close at hand. Its a family secret. Don’t tell anyone.

  • http://mattwhite.me Matt White

    Distinct lack of East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed. It worked wonders on the #GreatGeekEscape earlier in the year.

  • Robert Fong

    If you want to get snooty-geeky about it, Baristas would insist you call it a 16-ouncer. I used have a friend purposely drive over bumps if I was in his car with a beverage. Nothing like stepping out of a car with a brown stain over my crotch.