Nerd Girl Run – Part 3


The state in which:

Jess yells at the GPS.
We see a billboard for surfing. (WTF?)
I play a song for Jess that has a siren in it, but she thinks it’s real. (Oops)
We see these at a rest stop…


And Amish Pr0n. That’s right. Amish porn. We even made it a hashtag. #AmishPorn. Now sadly, at that point, we didn’t BUY amish porn. But we saw it. At least, we think we did. We were getting a little crazy at that point. I’m surprised we didn’t have someone stop us from getting in the car at the rest stop. We must have seemed drunk.

We also seemed to be chasing a Turtle. Yep. @the_turtle was driving to St. Louis, also, and was somewhere ahead of us.

Also at this point, “techs” came into existence. Jess was my window tech when I drove. I couldn’t figure out how to roll the damn window down while driving. We thought that was hilarious. Toll Collector Boy didn’t seem to see the humor.

Also in Pennsylvania (I warned you), we passed Shartsville. Much humor was to be had.

Then, finally, we were done. Pennsylvania was finished. We entered…West Virginia. … [insert record scratching noise] West Virginia?! Did that sign say WEST VIRGINIA?! Are we supposed to be in West Virginia?! Thankfully, yes. We were supposed to be in West Virginia. The best we could say about West Virginia was that it wasn’t Pennsylvania.

And then, Ohio. Where we caught a turtle. And saw zombie children. And possibly dead hookers. But first, more playlist:

“Hungry Like the Wolf” – Duran Duran
“Sabotage” – Beastie Boys