Nerd Girl Run – Part 5

Whew that was a heck of a cliffhanger, huh? Potential dead hookers, then no update for three weeks.

So, no, there were no dead hookers. At least, not in our room. And yes, Jenna was still there in the morning. Our first mission of the day was to find Starbucks. Of course, the NEXT exit off the highway had about 55 hotels to choose from, but let’s not dwell. Clearly we (I) didn’t look all that refreshed, the lady at Starbucks gave me an extra shot of espresso. And we were off.

Sadly, Indiana had no welcome sign for our arrival (all other states previously did, well not for us specifically, but for any vehicles on the highway). Ohio even said goodbye, which was nice.

Indiana…Indiana…what can I say? “Stay classy, Indiana”. Jess and I stop at the rest area. We head to the restroom, I accidentally cackle loudly upon entering and a woman in a stall ON THE PHONE makes some sort of comment. I promptly turn around, leave the restroom, re enter and say “Wow, what was up with that chick laughing?”. Cuz I’m kooky like that. Women on the phone proceeds to complain on her cell that she had her dog and just because there was a sign that said no dogs, that shouldn’t apply to her, it wasn’t like it was pooping or anything. Sigh. As I said, “Stay classy, Indiana”.

Nerd Girl playlist:

INXS rock block
Kid Rock rock block (is that a Kid Rock block?)
“Single Ladies” – Beyonce

And peace out, Indiana. We had a license to Ill-inois.

Jess thought Illinois drivers were very Illinoy-ing.

But we still had some fun…


And then finally, at 1:51 central, 32 hours after we left Rhode Island, we arrived in St. Louis.

And we REALLY needed showers.

And our rooms weren’t ready.

And there were already Lotus peeps in front of the hotel.

Taking pictures.

Of us.


  • http://www.fastfoodzen.com Garrett Wolthuis

    Just sent you an email for a Blackberry app called Poynt. It uses your location (cell tower or GPS) to show you businesses near you (hotels, gas stations, movies, etc.) It might be helpful on your next road trip. ;)

  • http://www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    We had plenty of gadgetry and resources, we were just too tired. Jess’ GPS had all that, but we didn’t check it. Come to think of it, the only thing we used the GPS for was to get to St. Louis and to find Starbucks. Emoticon

  • http://nathan.lotus911.com Nathan T. Freeman

    Funny about the woman in the stall. That happened to me on the way to Lotusphere in the ATL airport. I went into the men’s room and in one of the stalls there was this kid just chatting away on his phone.

    “And I was all like ‘what?’ and she was like ‘what?’ and it was like, really weird. Anyway, so you know what’s, like, up and whatnot…”

    I seriously considered throwing a big ball of wet toilet paper over the top of the stall on to his head.

    Seriously, I weep for the future.

  • http://www.momelettes.com Jess Stratton

    LOL, you are totally right, the only thing we used the GPS for was Starbucks! Too funny.
    Wow, good camera. It doesn’t even look like we are moving. Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon

  • http://null Norman Cox

    While we are sharing bathroom stories, I was at a 5K a couple of years ago. They had a public building near the start with access to bathrooms. I went in. I could hear a guy in the stall. Recognized his voice because he is a local radio personality. He is talking on the phone pretty loudly. Luckily, not calling into a radio show. He gets done on the phone, flushes and walks straight out of the place. Does not even pause at the sink. Everytime I hear him on the radio now, I have the urge to go wash my hands.