Gadget Glee – iPad Apps

It’s almost time for Lotusphere and it sounds like many of us are planning on bringing our iPads. In fact, it sounds like many are attempting to use ONLY iPads for much of the time. I am in that camp. Except for my presentation (during which I’ll be using BOTH my Mac Book Pro and my iPad), I am hoping to just use my iPad.

So, to that end, I wanted to share a few of my favorite iPad apps.

Netflix – I know. This has no conference-related purpose, but it’s probably the app I use the most. I don’t really watch cable TV anymore, I use the streaming from Netflix to watch all the “old” series that I’ve missed like Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. Catching up on nerdy goodness! The streaming works great. The fact that I can view it on my laptop, Wii and iPad is awesome. Only catch was that I found on the iPad, I had to be sure and hit the “Done” button before exiting, if I wanted Netflix to know where I’d left off.

Evernote. Lots of people love this one and have used it long before iPads. I tried it a while ago, and just didn’t get into it. I just tried it again on the iPad and now I’m loving it! The iPad interface is excellent and provides yet another multi-device interface. I love an app that can be used on my laptop, Blackberry and iPad!

Dropbox. Dropbox. Dropbox. I can’t say enough AWESOME things about Dropbox. And Dropbox on the iPad is just awesomer. (Note, that’s another multi-device app. I want to be able to get my “stuff” anywhere and everywhere, be it files, notes or movies!) (if you haven’t already signed up, use this link, we’ll both get extra space for free.

Goodreader. Did you want to read an attachment that you received in email? Did you want to read it in airplane mode? Get Goodreader. Want to read that PDF or Word doc? Get Goodreader.

Twitter. I can’t leave it out, although I find it to be just meh. I wish it had typeahead for twitter IDs and a better retweet functionality. However, I’ve been told Tweetdeck on iPad is crashy and bad, so I stick with the regular Twitter for iPad app.

Tripit. I love Tipit and this is another multi-device app. Browser for the laptop, apps for the Blackberry and the iPad. Fantastic way to track all of my travel details and share them with others when appropriate.

IM+ PRO . This is my new favorite app for the iPad. Mostly because I can access Skype on there and it kicks the regular Skype client’s a$$. The chats load WAY faster and the regular Skype client (on my Mac) seems to pick up where I left off with IM+ Pro, something the Skype app can’t seem to do.

Those are my must-haves on the iPad, what are yours?

  • http://www.greyhawk68.com Greyhawk68

    I love the Twitteriffic client for Twitter. Like it better than all the others myself. Although also doesn’t do type ahead. Grrrrr.

    Flipboard. It’s a great way to read Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader feeds. Cool interface too.

    Friendly – Facebook client. Works well.

    Penultimate – Notebooks for handwriting notes etc. Very good.

    MobileRSS – My feed reader of choice.

    Instapaper – For saving stories and links to read later. Works very nicely.

    See ya in a few days!

  • http://www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    Woopsy! I forgot logmein as a great way to connect to another computer say for troubleshooting those pesky work problems when you’re out of the office!

  • http://www.bridegroomtech.com Sam Bridegroom

    I use most of your list – along with these:

    Jot! – great for quick drawings/diagrams (there’s both a free and pro version)

    River of News – nice interface for Google Reader

  • http://Www.horst-dieter.de Horst-Dieter

    I use Reeder a lot to sync my Google Reader content. Also multi-device and a perfect interface.