Gadget Glee – My Newest Favorite iPad App

It’s the simple things in life that can really make a difference.

I, like many people, can sit at my computer for hours on end. I sometimes need a reminder to get up and do something else, even for just a few minutes.

I, like many people, don’t like to file papers or clean up clutter.

I decided I needed a timer. I could set the timer for a large chunk of time to sit at the computer, and then set it for a small chunk of time to get away and do something else, even if it’s just filing for 15 minutes.

I quickly searched for a free timer app on the iPad and found this one.

For a free simple little app, it’s fantastic. You can create different timer things (*technical term) and the app keeps them. So rather than having to set 45 minutes of computer time and then set 15 minutes of other time, I have them both and just start whichever one I choose. You can select from a few different sounds. AND you can have more than one timer running at once, which is FANTASTIC for cooking.

  • http://blog.woowar.com Julian Woodward

    Nice one – installing …

  • Gabi

    nice tool. Have you tried out { Link } for being reminded to do your breaks?