Stop Using Today in View Selection Formula

During my recent session at Lotusphere, I briefly mentioned NOT using @Today in view selection formula (because it’s a big hit on performance). I didn’t have time to get into possible solutions, but did mention the SelectionFormula property in LotusScript. Some of you asked for more details. Silly me, I had completely forgotten I’d written about it in my first article for Lotus User Group’s Lotus Developer Tips Newsletter.

Please see that article for details! And thanks for attending the session!

  • Grigory Kopeykin

    Hi Kathy. Thank you for reminding to me about that trick.
    It was many tricky ways to avoid @today in the view selection or in the columns (don’t forget about columns’ formulas – that agent can update them as well!)
    That one, you wrote about, it the simplest and easiest one.
    I would add some point to your article:
    – to get read of hard-coded expression in agent you may take expression value from the field in profile – that gives you ability to change selection formula by app admin, without design refresh. Moreover – you can even more flexible if you enter @-formula into editable field in profile and then Evaluate that formula in the agent.
    - Don’t forget to stress that this agent has to run in minimum user activity period and, preferably, before nightly Updall task if you put expression that you hard-coded in the agent into editable the profile.
    - Usually, that sort of task appears in the workflow applications which are business critical in most cases. So it is really important to monitor that agent that it ran successfully as the whole workflow can go wrong. So monitoring tool and flag or log fields are essential.

  • http://null Charlie Zeaiter

    If I have to use @Today in a view, a good idea – if suitable – is to set the view update index to manual. Then the view will only be updated with the updall task runs (which usually is about 2am), or the user can update the view index manually by pressing F9.