Top 5 Things I Do Not Want To See On A Run

Top 5 Things I Do Not Want To See On A Run – but probably will, or already have.

5) A driver, coming towards me, on their cell phone, oblivious to my existence on a narrow road.

4) A big, mean, ugly dog. Running towards me. Without a leash.

3) A group of bored and surly teenagers.

2) A thunderstorm. Heading towards me. On an open plain.

And the number one thing I do not want to see on a run…

The chase van – aka the van that drives slowly along the course of a race and if you see it, it means you are so friggin slow that you’ll never finish the race before they pack it all up and go home, so this van is going to pick up your sorry ass and drive you to the finish.

  • http://interfacematters.com Chris Blatnick

    Good list! Emoticon I have encountered 5 and 4. With 4, I have the scars to prove it.

  • http://xmage.gbs.com Tim Tripcony

    Also, if you see a Les Miserables style barricade (wooden tables on their side, doors pulled off their hinges, broken muskets, capsized horse carriages, and so forth), immediately duck down the nearest alley and pray nobody saw you.

  • TImothy Briley

    Actually #1 on my list used to be when I would run at night in midtown Atlanta and see the same vehicle several times. That meant the driver kept circling back around. And that’s not a good thing.

  • http://www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    @1, I remember you posting about the dog. That is one of my worst nightmares.

    @2, luckily, I think that is an unlikely scenario, particularly where I run.

    @3 Yikes. Not good. That would definitely freak me out.

    If I’d increased this list, I could have included the driver who thinks they’re funny by veering towards you, then moving away at the last second.

    Or the driver who thought it was funny to throw those little pop-its at me. Emoticon

  • http://www.timtripcony.com Tim Tripcony

    Pop-its? No, not funny. Gummy bears? Potentially very funny.

  • http://null Norman Cox

    Another one for me is getting passed by any local track team. I feel really old when they go by.

  • http://www.weightlessdog.com/shell.nsf Turtle

    Oh, wait, you meant running-related things! I’d figure that there would be other items ranked higher on this list, like “seeing Larry The Cable Guy’s bare ass.”