Home Tip – That Blew My Mind

This post has nothing to do with running, or Lotus Notes. But it was just one of those things that made me go “Holy crap, I must share this with the world!”

If you work in a corporate, office-type environment, you possibly have one of those plain grey rectangular trash bins at your desk. You might even have a cleaning crew that comes through your office and empties it, replacing the used bag with a new one. You *may* have noticed a trick they do, which is to store additional bags in the bottom of the bin underneath the current bag.

Cut to me, using my favorite browser add-on and iPad app, StumbleUpon. Where I stumbled on this, a post about dinner or something. Buried in the post was this:

Anyway, in honor of all of you out there who don’t know to store your folded garbage bags inside the garbage can (so you can conveniently grab a replacement as soon as you discard the full one –classic Real Simple tip ) or

[insert record scratch sound]

Wait, what?


I could do this. I could put extra trash bags in the bottom of the bin in my kitchen and never again get angry when I forget to replace the bag simply because I was too lazy/tired/in the middle of something to walk three feet over to where the bags are stored. Holy crap, I must share this with the world!

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    Thanks!!! Glad I stumbled upon this tip while looking for Notes stuff. My life has been changed forever for the better.