Looking Back

While cleaning up categories and tags here in the new blog space, I had a chance to go back through all of my old posts.  Year end also tends to be a time for reflecting.  You learn some interesting things looking back at a blog.  Here’s what I noticed:

  1. I talk a lot about running and Lotus Notes.  No surprises there.
  2. Some days I know a lot and some days I know very little.
  3. I attend a lot of conferences.
  4. I love attending conferences.
  5. I used to run a lot of races, and now I don’t so much.
  6. My running anniversary was eclipsed by my streak anniversary.
  7. The longer my streak gets, the less I talk about it.  Not in a superstitious way, but in a “this isn’t really news anymore” way.
  8. Sometimes I get things right, and even more rarely, I can be ahead of the curve.
  9. Sometimes I get things wrong.  And sometimes really wrong.
  10. Three years goes by in a flash.