Happy Tech New Year!

It’s almost 2012.  Many people make New Year’s resolutions.  Lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, meet new people, etc.

This year, I would like to make a technology resolution.

As a developer, it seems there is always something new to learn.  I always tell myself, I need to learn X or Y, or X AND Y programming languages.  And of course, I never get around to learning them, unless directly needed for my work.

Well, this year, I resolve to learn a new technology.  I’m going to get a book (probably a Head First book because I love those, and find I actually learn from them) and resolve to read it.  Let’s say, five hours per week.  260 hours by the end of the year.  Now, which tech to pick…

  • Anna – ReduceMail Pro

    What a great resolution! Can’t wait to hear what tech you pick.