Nike+ Fuelband

I recently received a Nike+ Fuelband (thanks Paul Steel!).  If you haven’t heard of it, it is a small wristband (slightly thicker than those Lance Armstrong type bands) with a three-way accelerometer to track your  movement throughout the day.  Go here for more info from Nike+.

It measures steps taken, “Nike fuel” (more on that in a second), calories, and displays the time.  You can connect the band to your PC or Mac via USB, or wirelessly sync to the iPhone/iPad app via Bluetooth.  From there, you can track your stats, share with friends, and earn badges/streaks, etc.

So what is Nike fuel?  A way to evenly compare activity.  A person weighing 100 pounds is going to burn less calories than a person weighing 300 calories even when they’re both just sitting on the couch.  So calories is an unfair comparison.  And not everyone does the same sports, so to say I ran a mile means nothing to someone who plays basketball for their activity.  Supposedly Nike fuel is a measurement that is equal for everyone, so you can start getting competitive with your friends.

You can pick a daily goal, and of course you get little visual rewards and badges for reaching it.

I am not so into the competitive thing.  So sharing to Facebook and comparing numbers with friends doesn’t appeal to me.  I do like having goals however.  And I really like getting rewarded for getting to those goals.  Now I’ve only had the Nike+ Fuelband for 3 1/2 days, but already I have walked a little more, or run a little more, or gone up and down the stairs a few more times, just to hit my daily goal.

Doing a little more is a big deal for me, as I’ve recently found myself in a bit of an exercise rut (and at the same time have found myself up quite a few pounds from my normal weight).  I’m looking forward to earning more badges, and maybe losing a few pounds in the process.

Now, if someone could just invent a gadget that measures everything I eat.