More on Nike Fuelband

I wrote about my new Nike Fuelband here.  Now that I have had it for a few weeks, I wanted to say a little more about it.

I love it!

First, the battery life.  It lasts roughly 9 days per charge.  It charges up pretty quickly, and has a nice little reminder indicator as it is getting low.  For something I am using all day, every day, that seems pretty good to me.

I wrote about Nike Fuel in that post.  When you first activate your fuel band, you are asked to select a goal.  I picked the lowest goal “suggested”, which was 2000.  (Remember, these are not calories, but “Nike Fuel”, a converted number so anyone with a fuel band can compare on equal footing).  Sadly (and a bit surprisingly) I did not easily meet the lowest suggested goal every day.  Many days I had to do a little extra to meet it.  But in a way, that was exciting, that meant that thanks to the Nike Fuel band, I was moving a little more each day.  Also, that I wasn’t as active as I may have thought.

After a week at 2000, I increased it to 2100.  We’re doing baby steps here, people.  I made my goal every day except one!  Where I missed it by 7 measly fuel points, and only because I wasn’t paying attention and midnight passed me by before I noticed.

They track some fun stuff, for example my best day was 3,194.  I’ve hit the 10k, 25k, and 50k Nike fuel milestones.  My average day is 2,300.  I can track my fuel against Women age 30-39 and the entire Nike+ community.  I see I lag them in most fuel in a week, and average fuel per week, but I am smoking both comparisons in daily goals hit.  So no surprise there, I may do a little less, but I’m consistent.  Still, it’s motivation to beat out the comparisons in all categories.

So here I am at 27 days with the Fuel band and I still love it, and I still wear it, and it’s still motivating me.  I’m increasing my goal to 2200 today.  I’m hoping to increase 100 points every week or so.

Anyone else got one?  Want to compare stats?  Let me know!

  • Heather Calder

    How do you track nikefuel against your age and demographic? Do you need to use facebook?

  • Gary Walters

    Nice.  I’ve had since May 18 and it’s taking over my life…in a good way.   Good luck!

  • Bryce

    ive had my fuelband for  6 days now and i love it, between morning runs and work im averaging 4.1k a day, its great! it really influences me to keep at it!