To Blog or Not To Blog

So, I’ve decided to start P90X.  Not sure if I’ve gone insane or if this is a great idea.  I suppose only time will tell.  Probably about 90 days.

I’m a big fan of “go big or go home” or “all in” mentalities. I’ve found quite a few blogs where people started the P90X program, and then ultimately their blog posts died off.  That might lead some to NOT blog about starting the program.  But this is me talking, and I’ve got to do this the only way I know how, publicly.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, the kit should be here on Wednesday.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been this excited to begin an exercise program.  We’ll see how I feel a few days in.  : – )

Some believe nothing quite motivates like public humiliation, so I’m going to post my pre-P90X fitness test results. Yes, they have a test so you can see if you’re fit enough to even start the program.  Here are my humiliating results:

Pull ups: 0
Vertical leap: 12.5″
Pushups: 11
Toe touch: +8
Wall squat: 49 seconds (60 seconds was the minimum, but oh well)
Abs: 21 (25 was minimum, oops)
Heart rate after 2 min jumping jacks: 124
Heart rate after 4 min recovery: 76

I may even get brave and post pictures, but don’t hold your breath.

  • Joe Litton

    Good for you!!!

    FYI, it was over 2 yrs ago that I first did P90X. I’ve done it or other Beachbody programs ever since. I struggled to do one pullup at the start. I now can do 15 consecutive; did 92 total in most recent “Legs & Back” workout. Chest & Back workout the other day totaled to 262 pushups (it was probably 1/4 of that first time trying). The program WORKS…Like they say in some of the videos, “just keep pressing play”.

    Oh, and remember that you have a PAUSE button!

    Re pics…I’ve *taken* pics, but have not posted any. Thought that would be weird. Maybe you’ve got more guts than I !! …But absolutely do take measurements, record weight, etc. I track weight, calories burned, etc daily on 2 calendars.

    Good luck…BRING IT!!!!!

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