Day 1 of P90X

I better type this quickly before my arms completely freeze up into an immoveable mass.

Yeah, so today was Day 1 of P90X.  A little background first though.  As many of you know, I run.  Not a lot, but every day.  As many of you may not know, over the last month I have tried to lose weight.  I went old/new school.  Counting calories.  In by way of food and myfitnesspal’s calorie counting app.  And out, by way of exercise and the Nike Fuelband.  Yay me I lost 10 pounds.

It seems my entire life has been spent gaining weight or losing weight or thinking about gaining or losing weight.  I used to even be a leader for Weight Watchers.  I know a thing or two about diet and exercise.

Anyhoo, enter P90X.  I got my materials yesterday.  Hooray!  Read, read, read.  Whaaaa?!  I’m supposed to eat 2400 calories?  2400?!  Read again.  Surely I’ve made a mistake.  2400?  As in double what I’ve been eating?  Holy crap that is going to be one motherf-er of a workout if I need to eat that many calories.  Woohoo!  Party time!  2400 calories.  Wait, what?  It’s supposed to be HOW MUCH protein?  And so, day 1 was sort of a failure as far as following the nutrition plan.  It is going to be really hard to eat that many calories, with the majority of it coming from protein.  I would have to eat an entire cow.  In a day.

But exercise, was in my book, a ringing success.  Did I do all the reps that the 2% body fat freaks on the video did?  No.  But did I at least attempt every single exercise and do it to “failure” (that’s a good thing in exercise terms)?  Yes, yes I did.

So here we go.  I’ll be in traction tomorrow.  But I did Day 1, baby!

  • Devin Olson

    Good luck, you can do it.  Day 3 workout is when you start saying “F&*(K YOU TONY HORTON”, but keep at it.   

    “German Potato Soup”  love it.  

  • http://twitter.com/michaelgsmith Michael G. Smith

    Wait until you’ve seen the videos so many times you start spouting off Tony’s little quips before he does.