Tomorrow is my mulligan

So tomorrow is my mulligan.  I’ll be starting over with the P90X program.  The first week and half were amazing, I was already seeing results.  Then I went on a vacation to the Caribbean.

The food the first week and a half was tough for me.  I am INCREDIBLY used to watching my food.  I was NOT used to eating that many calories with so much of it coming from protein.  I wasn’t prepared for that, so my do-over included going shopping today to stock up on foods that will help me get the protein in.

The exercise the first week and a half was tough, too, of course, but in a good way.  It was hard, and I pushed, and I did it.

Then vacation.  I rarely go on true vacations, and this was one.  It was gorgeous, the food was great, the company was amazing.  I brought my DVDs (ripped to my Mac) and my weight bands and the best of intentions.  Unfortunately, I only got in one yoga session.  It was however, amazing, as I did it on the private rooftop deck overlooking the ocean.

Yes, that big black square is my Mac.

So anyway, tomorrow is my Mulligan.  I start the program over.  With a little more preparation for the eating part of the program.  And for better or worse, a little more knowledge of just how tough the exercise portion will be.

(BTW, I did run everyday, the streak is still in tact).

  • Jason

    Thanks for the encouragement over on FB for the running! Keep up the good work with the P90X.  Glad you had a wonderful holiday :-)

  • Timothy Briley

    Where did you go on the cruise?

  • http://www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    You are welcome, Jason!  As you know, I like to run.  : – ) And Couch to 5k is how I got my start, so I feel it is my duty to encourage people on that program!

  • http://www.runningnotes.net Kathy Brown

    I was in the Caribbean.