I’m surprised I remembered how to log in

Of course I did.  Thanks to 1Password, but that’s another post for another day.

June 14 I blogged about P90X, day 1.  I think I did a week’s worth, then got derailed (by a lovely vacation).  Then I restarted and did about two weeks worth before getting derailed, again by travel.  So I started back up again a few days ago.  I am THRILLED to report that I was able to pick up where I left off regarding reps and weights (bands).  I am also thrilled to say I somehow managed to not gain any weight back.

Interestingly (and I may sound like a broken record), the eating part was the hardest part.  Eating 1800+ calories, with 50% of the calories coming from protein is hard.  That is a lot of meat.  A LOT of meat.  And a lot of LEAN meat.  I can’t just sit here eating bacon.

So anyway.  I swear some non-exercise/meat/running posts are on their way.  Someday.  Soon.  Ish.