My Annual Trip To Chocolate, I Mean BLUG

I am excited to once again post that I was accepted to speak at BLUG.  It is a really great conference and I’ve always had a great time going (I think this will be my third).

I will be presenting “Opening the Toolbox: Tools For The Domino Developer”

It’s always important to have the right tool for the job. You wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail. It might eventually work, but it would take a lot longer. Tradesmen like plumbers and electricians make it look easy, but sometimes it is because they have all of those specialized tools. Kathy will open up the toolbox and show you some of the tools available to make your job as a Domino Developer even easier. Even better, most of the tools are free! She’ll cover tools for agents, XPages, browsers, testing, ideas for building your own tools, and more. It’s like a home improvement show for developers!

And unlike Lotusphere, I’ll be bringing the chocolate HOME, rather than bringing chocolate there!