Challenge Accepted

Pretty much since I started writing articles for the Notes Dev Tips Newsletter, the amount of technical content I post here has declined.  For obvious reasons, I have to come up with tech content there, which means there is less content (and time) for me to post here.

Two of my co-workers have become blogging monsters: Brad Balassaitis and Marky Roden.  They have thrown down the gauntlet.  They’ve been posting loads of great technical content and I need to step up my game.

Firstly (and most easily), I will post excerpts from the articles I post for the Notes Dev Tips Newsletter (and links to the full articles, of course).  These are actually now just known as “Articles” on the  new site, socialbizug.org (formerly known as lotususergroup.org).

Secondly, challenge accepted.  I’m going to try my hardest to start putting additional content here as well.  I’ve been super busy at PSC Group (just hit my one year mark!) and learning TONS of new stuff, mostly XPages that I would like to share.

Promises, promises.  However, I will now accept public shaming if I don’t do it.  : – )

  • http://twitter.com/MarkyRoden Mark Roden

    Girl it is “on” #PSCBlogMonsters

  • Russ Maher

    I have noticed those two guys have been very productive recently. Go Kathy!  Go Kathy!

  • http://xcellerant.net/ Brad Balassaitis

    Let the games begin!

  • Nathan T. Freeman

    I don’t believe you. Not for one minute. ;-)

  • Paul Calhoun

    Now?  I refreshed.  Now?  Will there be new content now?  I refreshed again.  Now?  How about Now? Soon?  Real soon?  Maybe real soon.