IamLUG 2013

I have been lucky enough to attend all four IamLUGs and I have to say this was best one yet.  The combination of attendees, speakers, sessions, sponsors, food, weather (so much better than August!) was just perfect.

The attendees – I really felt like every attendee was happy to be there.  Everyone seemed eager to learn and meet new people.  I took part in my first ever speed sponsoring as a sponsor on Monday night and everyone seemed genuinely interested in learning about the sponsors and what they have to offer.

The speakers – the speaker lineup was incredible, although the speakers have been great every year.  Luis Richardson was the keynote speaker and he really brings new life to IBM keynotes.  Really, his talk could be given anywhere and be well received.

The sponsors – the sponsors were fantastic, as always, and a huge thank you to them.  The entire conference is paid for by sponsors.  And I mentioned, this was my first time as a sponsor at speedsponsoring, and I had a great time!

My sessions – my sessions went well (minus a few hiccups in the first session due to a projector, which was replaced the next day).  The slides and sample database will be posted here and on slideshare in a little bit.

Announcement – IamLUG has a new name!  It will now be ICON US, in conjunction with ICON UK.  The Lotus name was dropped by IBM.  Lotusphere changed to IBM Connect.  So changing the name of IamLUG makes perfect sense!

Flickr group – check out the IamLUG photo group to see all the pictures (and if you took some, please post them there!)  This may be my favorite.

Overall, I had a blast, I learned a ton, and the best part was that I got to meet a lot of new people I hadn’t met before, and really that’s what these LUGs are all about.