Blink Blink Hello? Running? Is that you?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I used to run.  Quite a bit.  Every day for three and a half years.  The shortest runs were just a mile to make the streak and the longest was a marathon.  I loved the streak, it kept me motivated… until it didn’t.  So I stopped.  And would you look at the time, 8 months seemed to slide by without a single run.  Not a one.

Until the other day.  I up and decided to throw on my shoes and go for a run.  Being a smart and experienced runner, I did not throw on my shoes and go out for an all out 5-mile run.  I went back to basics, sort of.

When I started running in 2007, I used the Couch to 5k program.  Ah, the old days.  LOL.  I printed off the schedule old school style.  I used a plain old stop watch.  Over time, I upgraded to “Big Red”, my Garmin Forerunner for satellite GPS tracking.  Then all you kids these days stepping all over my lawn come along with your newfangled apps for training programs and GPS and playing music, which I had no part of.  I had Big Red.

So the other day, I returned to the Couch to 5k program (I was daring and jumped to week 3).  And I caved in and got the Couch to 5k app on my phone. I’m going back out in a few minutes and I caved again and got Map My Run for my phone.  I’ve left Big Red in the closet.  I attempted to play music while I ran, but I still find the quiet and forced meditation to be part of WHY I run and I don’t want to interrupt that with music.  So yeah, back to basics, but in a new way.

Anyway, it feels good.  I’m happy to once again be excited and look forward to my runs.  In fact, gotta go now, time for my run.  : – )