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Head First HTML5 Programming
Building Web Apps With Javascript
by Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Robson
Publisher: O’Reilly Media

Another excellent Head First book for HTML5 programming.  Really? It’s Head First, you can’t go wrong.


1. Getting to Know HTML5: Welcome to Webville, 2. Introducing JavaScript ad the DOM: A Little Code, 3. Events, Handlers and All That Jazz: A Little Interaction, 4. JavaScript Functions and Objects: Serious JavaScript, 5. Making Your HTML Location Aware: Geolocation, 6. Talking to The Web: Extroverted Apps, 7. Bringing Out Your Inner Artist: The Canvas, 8. Not Your Father’s TV: Video…With Special Guest Star “Canvas”, 9. Storing Things Locally: Web Storage, 10. Putting JavaScript to Work: Web Workers

Per the authors, this book is targeted to anyone willing to learn and who is not “completely new” to writing web pages.  Don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean if you’ve been writing web pages for years that you will be bored.  This is a Head First book, I’ve never been bored with any Head First book I’ve ever read.

If you aren’t familiar with the style, the Head First books take a different approach to helping you learn.  There are puzzles, and brain teasers, and graphics, and LOTS of humor, all with the goal of helping you better absorb what you are reading.

This book jumps right in demonstrating a quick “makeover” from some HTML4 to HTML5 code.  Not to sound like a broken record, but I really like the style of Head First books where they start you at the introductory level, teach you the basics, move you along to move advanced topics, all without boring me, losing me, OR sounding condescending.  Lots of fun topics from HTML5 covered in this book including geolocation, video, and drawing, in order to keep the reader engaged and excited about learning HTML5.

Head First HTML5 Programming

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