Stupid Source Control Mistake

So you’re using Source Control in XPages, hooray!

And you’re cruising right along.  Committing changes, pulling code, pushing code, merging, hooray!

Then one day, you pull new code, and you right-click expecting to sync the on-disk with the local NSF.  But suddenly out of the blue, sync isn’t an option.  Just “Associate with New NSF” and “Associate with Existing NSF”.  But your on-disk is already associated with an NSF.  What happened?  Did it get UN-associated?  It might not have.

First pull of the day?  Maybe you went straight to Package Explorer and pulled.  You didn’t yet open or click on your local NSF, so it isn’t in memory.  Apparently to source control, it isn’t available.  Go back to your applications list and open the twistie for the local NSF.  Wake up Designer and go back to Package Explorer.  Voila!  Now you can sync again.