Geek Gift Guide 2013

Here’s my link to last year’s gift guide and most of those are still great recommendations (I still use ALL of the items from that list on a regular basis).

So what about this year?  Aside from the obvious (iPad mini or iPad Air or Mac Air or really anything apple), here are a few gift ideas for 2013:

Kindle Fire HD – I bought one for my mom last year, and she hasn’t stopped telling me how great it is.  She has taken it to it like a duck to water.  She reads books on it (of course), plays games, streams TV and movies, and edits documents, among other things.  She’s done it all without any help from me.  Possibly the best gift I’ve ever given her.

Cases and sleeves – I wrote this post on my favorite cases (and also one I didn’t like), but for my Mac Air I prefer a sleeve and a skin.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gelaskins.  I get comments ALL.  THE.  TIME. about the skin I have.  I have the same one on my laptop, iPad, and phone.  You can create your own or use one of their amazingly beautiful pieces of artwork.  Every time I get a new device, I go straight to Gelaskins.com and order my skin.  I ordered this sleeve and it was inexpensive, perfectly fits my Air, and does the job I need it to do (mostly keeping purse crumbs out of my Air).

I recently had some issues with my external hard drive (Western Digital) for backing up and storing files.  It would sometimes connect and other times it wouldn’t connect.  Very frustrating.  So, I ordered this Seagate hard drive and it’s been super easy to use and also works perfectly.

For kitchen geeks, this julienned peeler is AMAZING.  It’s super cool.  I wrote about a dish I made with this peeler back in July and I still love it.

And for Junior Geeks, this little “mining” set was pretty cool.  It’s a solid block of clay or dirt or something and comes with tools so kids can “dig” for “gems”.  My seven-year-old LOVED it.  The only thing missing from this kit is goggles.  Digging at the dust can get messy and kids should probably wear goggles while playing with it.  Other than that, this kit was great.

And there ya go, my 2013 gift guide.  All of these items were purchased by me at regular price.