Bucky Ball Stud Finder

So, I was going to wall mount my TV.  In order to do that, I needed to find a stud.  A wall stud, that is.

Now most people would tell you that you would need a stud finder, but I didn’t have one.  And I wanted to mount the TV NOW.  Off to the Google.

The Google gave such suggestions as knocking on the wall.  Supposedly one could listen to the knocking or tapping and hear the difference between hollow wall and stud.  Unless you are part dog, that aint gonna work.  The Google also suggested drilling pilot holes.  I wasn’t interested in my wall looking like a colander, so I didn’t bother with that one.

Then the Google suggested I get a magnet and wrap it in tape and pull it along the wall until the magnet stuck to a nail in the drywall.  First, the only magnets I have are Bucky balls.  Second, a ball of Bucky balls on a string wasn’t working.  But then I realized I only needed one Bucky ball and balancing it on my nail would allow it to stick to any nail.  And the Bucky ball stud finder was born.