I remember the first time I saw him.  It was at my first Lotusphere.  Back when he had a lion’s mane of hair.  He wasn’t the presenter, but he answered a question that had been asked (because of course, he knew the answer).  Back then, I didn’t know about Planet Lotus or who anyone was in our community.  I didn’t even know there was a community.  But after he answered, I thought, “holy shit that guy is smart.  I bet he’s the one everyone asks when they get stuck.”  Because he wasn’t just holy-shit-smart, he was nice about it.

I’m reading all the posts and tweets of people saying how selfless he was and willing to help people.  And he was.  Just at the last Connect, I was talking to someone that wanted to meet Tim.  I messaged Tim and said someone wants to meet you, get over here.  He showed up within minutes.  I’m sure he was in the middle of something, it was Connect, there is never a down moment.  But he was there.  That was Tim.

But he wasn’t just there as an XPages guru, he was my friend.  We talked each other through some difficult personal stuff.  Even if time would go by where we hadn’t spoken for a while, we would see each other or talk on Skype, and it was as though no time had passed.  He always had time for me, no matter when I pinged him.

I remember we did an epically bad karaoke version of Endless Love in Kimonos at Lotusphere.  It was awful and hilarious.  Just last week it came on my car stereo and I said the next time I see Tim, we will have to try it again.

I wrote this post, planning to end it on that last sentence.  I got in the car to pick up my kids from school.  And wouldn’t you know it, Endless Love came on.  Right after that, a song that Tim had sent to me a long time ago.  Using his own words that he said to me last week, “synchronicity is fun”.

You’re right, Tim, it is.  Some of the lyrics of that song, “I need some time to be your friend”.  I’m glad I got the time I had, I sure wish it was more.  I’ll miss you.