Video Review: Build a Strong Angular JS Foundation

Build a Strong AngularJS Foundation
by Lukas Ruebbelke and Matias Niemala
O’Reilly Media

This video series has nearly three hours of content broken into six modules. Each module is broken into smaller video chunks. Generally each video is one to three minutes long, although a few are around the ten minute mark.  Exercise files and a sample application are included for download with the videos.

Module 1: Hello AngularJS

Module 2: Module

Module 3: Controller

Module 4: View

Module 5: Services

Module 6: Directives

You can either stream or download the videos.  The cost of the entire series is $59.99.  If you are a visual learner or prefer to learn from videos, this would be the way to do it.  The videos take you from understanding the history of Angular and what it is, to how to use it.  The presenters aren’t exactly the most polished, but they explain the concepts and code in a clear manner.  With code examples and a full application to download along with the videos, this series should give you a solid basic understanding of Angular.



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