Race Report: What?!

That’s right.  It’s a race report.  My last report was for my disappointing marathon in 2010.  My last actual race was a 10k in June…of 2011.  Over three years ago.

Last week, I ran in the Yankee Homecoming 5k.  I just re-started running again recently.  Recently == June.  I knew I could finis, but I knew I wouldn’t be fast.  I had no expectations other than just running.  Not a lot to report on the race itself.  Official race time: 31:15.  I came in smack in the middle of other runners and smack in the middle of my gender/age range.  As I ran, I remembered something.  I like running races.  I want to run more races.  Which is good since I signed up for a half marathon in October.

I’m now done with Week 1 of training for the half.  As one tends toward optimism in Week 1, I’m feeling good.  I’m maybe even feeling like I could beat my half marathon PR, but more importantly, I want to get in under two hours.  What did she just say?  That’s right, you heard me.  I just ran a SHORT race with a 10:04 pace and I’m somehow thinking I’m going to run a half marathon with a 9:05 pace in 11 weeks.  Clearly, I’m writing this on a runner’s high or something.