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User Story Mapping
By Jeff Patton
O’Reilly Publishing


The Big Picture

Plan to Build Less

Plan to Learn Faster

Plan to Finish on Time

You Already Know How

The Real Story About Stories

Telling Better Stories

It’s Not All on the Card

The Card Is Just the Beginning

Bake Stories Like Cake

Rock Breaking

Rock Breakers

Start with Opportunities

Using Discovery to Build Shared Understanding

Using Discovery for Validated Learning

Refine, Define, and Build

Stories Are Actually Like Asteroids

Learn from Everything You Build

First off, I am definitely not the book’s target audience. The book states it is for product managers and user experience practitioners, product owners, business analysts, and project managers, or agile and lean process coaches. So that being said, I still think that user stories are important and I was hoping to learn something about improving them and using them for my job as a software developer and consultant.

As far as a book on user story mapping, this book is well-written, the author seems to have a lot of experience, and the book is written with humor.

However, for my own use, I don’t think I will realistically be employing any of these techniques as they are a bit involved and over the top.  Clearly the techniques in the book are written for people for whom user story mapping is a full time job.  No one else would ever have the time to devote to all of this.  Again, I wasn’t the target audience and that’s my own fault, however there wasn’t really anything I could glean and apply to myself, unfortunately.

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