Review: If Hemingway Wrote Javascript

If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript
Angus Croll
No Starch Press

I’m not going to lie to you and say that you’ll learn JavaScript from this book.  It is, however, incredibly entertaining.  The author takes 25 “literary luminaries” and presents 5 different JavaScript assignments as though completed by the luminaries.  Also included are four poems, such as “The Variable” ‘by’ Edgar Allen Poe.

The assignments include things like writing a function to show the first n numbers in the Fibonacci sequence and writing a chainable function to accept one word per call, but play back all the previously passed in words in order. The authors include Hemingway (of course), Shakespeare, Kafka, JK Rowling, and more.

It’s a very clever book, very well written. Showing different authors tackling the same JavaScript assignments is just genius. Hemingway, for example has zero comments in his code. Shakespeare has more comments than code, and they’re of course written in iambic pentameter.

My only complaint is that the Kindle version seems to be images, rather than text, and some of the images didn’t transfer well to eBook format. Get yourself the paperback version.

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