Review: Head First C#

Head First C#
OReilly Publishing
By: Andrew Stellman & Jennifer Greene


Start Building with C#

It’s all Just Code

Objects: Get Oriented!

Types and References

C# Lab: A Day at the Races

C# Lab: The Quest

C# Lab Invaders

I love Head First books.  I know, it’s crazy to say you love a technical book, right? But I really do. The format just works for me. They’ve done a great job of analyzing how people learn, and writing a technical book that can actually stimulate and interest the reader.

I think my first and only regret with this is that I got the eBook version. There are exercises in the book and there’s something about the format (lots of visuals) that lends itself really well to an actual in real life book.

The book has a lab to create your very own space invaders game. Do you really need to know any more than that? These guys really know how we learn, how to get the material across, how to keep the reader interested, and how to motivate the reader to do the exercises. But don’t worry, you don’t just thrown into creating your own video game, the book starts with the basics and builds up.

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