Farewell, SocialBizUg – Hello, Blog

As many of you know, it was recently announced that SocialBizUg.org will be shutting down.  Over the last several years (at least five and maybe six?), I have written for their Notes Developer Tips.  Tom Duff pulled me in as co-author many years ago.  For several years I wrote two articles a month for the newsletter.  Then Tom stepped down and I wrote all five articles every month for the newsletter.  I loved and hated that responsibility.  Loved that it forced me to write five articles every month.  Hated that I had to write five articles every month.  The team at SocialBizUg was always patient with me and my *cough* occasionally *cough* late articles.

I am grateful for the opportunity to write.  I am grateful for the audience that the newsletter provided.  I hope that those who still seek content can find it.  And to that end, I am going to try and blog more.  As stated in my last post, I am motivated and rejuvenated from IBM Connect.  I no longer have to come up with five articles-worth of content for SocialBizUg.  While I won’t do that much here without someone to nag me, I hope to do more than I have in the past.  I plan to continue the Foundation series that I just started over on SocialBizUg and will re-post here the first articles from that series.

So once again, thank you, SocialBizUg.  Thank you to the Newsletter team, and “see you later”!  (See earlier posts on how to say goodbye when you don’t want to).