Too Many Design Elements – Or Things I Forgot I Knew

My co-worker, Marky tells me I already knew this and that I told him this when he made the same mistake, but I forgot, or never knew, or something.  So I’m blogging it.  Next time when I google it, I’ll find this post and laugh at myself.  Or maybe I’ll remember.  In any case…

Don’t add all of Sencha ExtJS’s download file to your XPages application.  It’s too many design elements.  As I discovered (again?) the other night.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 4.23.14 PM





“Insufficient memory – too many design elements (Desk Design Pool).” is the error you’ll get, and then you can’t open the application anymore in Designer.  Sadly, you may not get this right away.  Hypothetically, you maybe added all the files, worked with them, did some stuff, wrote some awesome code, and then closed Designer, and THEN you weren’t able to open it.  Hypothetically.  So be warned, if you’re adding a plugin with a lot of design elements (and by a lot, I mean thousands), maybe you’ll want to add them folder by folder.

To “fix” it you can copy the application, open the copy, and immediately delete stuff.  This won’t help your original, but at least you can get at your awesome code that you hypothetically wrote.

Incidentally, it would be a terrible idea to include the entire Sencha ExtJS download anyway because you don’t need it all and it would bloat your application for no good reason.  I guess Designer is just helping you realize that it’s a bad idea.  Thanks, Designer!