Finding a Book

As I said in my previous posts, I’ve decided to learn to play the bass.  With my background, I want to learn it “right”.  Meaning I want to actually learn how to play the bass, not just learn songs.  While it seems everyone learns everything these days by watching some Youtube videos, I can’t learn from videos.  My brain just works better when I read.  Also, I really want to learn to play bass, not just learn some songs.  I want to learn the notes and proper fingering and all the things it seems you don’t get in a Youtube video.  So I needed a book.  Once again, I turned to Amazon.  I ordered the Hal Leonard Bass Method “Complete Edition”, which is books 1, 2, and 3.  It’s a spiral bound book, which is a small detail, but lays open nicely while trying to read it and play the bass.

It’s exactly what I wanted.  It’s got all the basics, starting you out with open string notes, and then adding a few notes at a time.  Short “songs” to practice the notes you just learned.  It may be a bit boring, but I’m actually learning the notes and proper fingering.

Amusingly, the book came with CDs.  It struck me that I have no place to play them, other than my car.

In order to maintain my initial excitement, however, I did look up “easy bass guitar songs” and have learned the main riffs to Seven Nation Army* and Smoke on the Water.  Incidentally, learning a song from tabs goes against my every instinct in “properly” learning an instrument, but I can see how it’s tempting since it’s so fast to learn.

* While playing the “interim” bit between the  endlessly repetitive, but ever so catchy bit of Seven Nation Army, my 9-year-old son asked if I was playing Hot Cross Buns.  Sigh.  Everyone’s a critic.