Running Notes of a Different Kind – Part 1

So I’m learning to play bass.  And yes, I’m probably gonna post about it like I’m the only person on earth ever to have done so.  If you play, hopefully you’ll find me endearing.  If you don’t play, maybe you’ll want to or you’ll learn something as I learn.  Or maybe you’ll just ignore these posts altogether.  As I do for my technical posts, I’m posting more for me to remember than for anything else anyway.

The background: I’ve always been around music.  As a young kid, I learned to play the flute and the koto.  (Here’s a link if you’ve never heard of it, new friends always asked if we had a weird narrow coffin in the house).  I also had a guitar, but I kind of sucked at it.  I’ve always had long fingernails and was never willing to cut them in order to press on the strings correctly, so I never progressed much beyond conceptually knowing how it worked, and how to tune it.  As an older kid, I got into musicals and singing.  I took voice lessons and had a crappy keyboard (I was good at the former and terrible at the latter).  In college, I actually got a degree in music, which consisted mostly of singing, some music theory, and some forced piano lessons (again, good at singing and theory, terrible at piano).  It also included dancing and acting, but those aren’t relevant to this post.  Anywho, all of that to say, I can read music (although I’m much better at treble clef than bass clef) and I get how a lot of musical instruments work even if I never even came close to mastering any.

Present day: I have two kids.  They’re in school and band is a thing.  So my daughter started off with flute and moved to the sax.  My son started with sax and moved to clarinet.  A family member purchased a really nice electric piano, but didn’t want it anymore.  So in my house I currently have two flutes, a piano, a sax, a clarinet, a set of drums, and a guitar.

Inspired by my kids, I wanted to pick up an instrument again.  In Part 2, I’ll bore you with how I chose the bass.