Running Notes of a Different Kind – Part 2

Right, so we last left you on a heck of a cliffhanger, just how did she decide on the bass?

Well, I didn’t right away.  I liked the flute, but it’s REALLY hard to sing along when you play.  And since I like to sing, I kind of wanted to learn something I could sing with.  Ideally, I’d learn to play the piano.  I found a great app to help me learn piano, SimplyPiano.   It was featured in a Lifehacker article.  I like the app, with a mix of traditional songs and simplified pop songs.  It takes me back to basics and is somewhat “gamified” to keep me interested.  But, the piano is in the basement.  The basement isn’t heated.  Therefore it’s really hard to get motivated to go downstairs when it’s super cold.  Additionally, my kids like to sleep in the room where the piano is on weekends, so that was cutting into my practice time.  Plus, I just find piano really f-ing hard.  My brain doesn’t like to do two completely different things with my right and left hands, especially in different rhythms.

Guitar would be great.  But in my one act of girlishness, I just refuse to cut my fingernails.  Plus the guitar we have is right-handed and I’m left-handed.

So.  I’ve always thought bass players had a certain coolness about them.  And chick bass players?  FORGET ABOUT IT, they’re the coolest.  And you know, as a 42-year-old suburban mother of two, I’m just oozing with cool.  (Maybe I’ll start a band and name it “mom jeans”).  A couple of weekends ago I saw a band play and we were joking about band members and their personalities and anyway, I just wanted to play bass.  So that’s how I decided I wanted to play bass.  Very scientific reasoning, eh?