Running Notes of a Different Kind – Part 3

As is my usual way, I went about selecting a bass all the wrong way.  (Spoiler alert: it turns out ok).

I’m sure anyone who actually plays bass (and all of the internet) will tell you to go to a reputable music store, preferably a non-chain store.  Well that’s all well and good, but I don’t really like people or interacting with them and there’s this awesome thing called Amazon which means with the click of a button I could have a bass delivered to my house within two days. Oh yeah, and it would be LEFT-HANDED. So I think you know what I chose.

The next decision was which one?  Of course, I could go cheap because I’m a beginner and who knows I could drop this thing like a bad habit in a couple of weeks, why spend a ton of money?  On the other hand, people will tell you to spend some money on a good instrument because it will be easier to learn to play.  Again, I probably made the decision that people will tell you not to do, I bought a cheap one.  Now it was on Amazon, so I made sure it was a well-rated bass, but I didn’t spend a lot.  I’m not some afficionado with a critical ear to how it will sound.  If I stick with it, maybe someday I can buy a more expensive instrument.  For now, I went with this.

It arrived two days later, much to my delight.  Now I just gotta learn how to play this thing…