Breaking Strings

So yeah, that new bass I bought.  As I said, I went with a cheap one from Amazon.  As I also said, I have a somewhat musical background.  I opened the box, it was already strung, I just needed to tune it and play.  Luckily, a) there are a billion videos/sound clips out there that come with the notes to tune a guitar and b) I knew how to tune a guitar from when I was a kid.  So I tuned it and I played.  (Interesting side note, I found that I could tune it better if I sang the note and played the string rather than just listening to the note and comparing it to the string.  Weird, huh?)

However, something sounded a bit off and being the techie that I am, I thought it would be cool to get one of those tuning apps that uses the mic to hear what you’re playing and tell you (with SCIENCE!) whether it needed to be higher or lower.  Except, something was off.  It kept saying it was too low, so I kept tuning the string higher, higher, high- TWANG.  String broke.  Well, crap.  Looking on the bright side, I certainly felt more badass having broken my first string.

Back to Amazon I went and noticed strings varied from about $18 to $38.  Again, I had to wonder if more expensive was better or not?  But I also realized on my cheap bass, I probably had the cheapest and worst strings ever and probably anything I ordered would be an improvement.  I perused reviews and decided on these.  Sadly, I had to wait two whole days (but once again avoided interacting with humans!).  The string arrived and I had another first, re-stringing a bass guitar.  Pretty simple thing to do, but I can totally see how one of those windy tool things would be helpful.  Retuned it and HOLY CRAP WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  I can’t even imagine what those $38 strings must be like, the bass will probably make me dinner or something.  But for now, these $18 strings seem soooooo great over the cheapies that came with the bass.

I’ve now broken a string, re-stringed a guitar, and looked down upon crappy strings.  I think I’m well on my way to rock star status.