Back to Running

Tomorrow will be the fourth run of my current return to running.  Coincidentally, tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of my first run. (Excluding the time when I lived in New York and signed up for the Chase corporate challenge and did almost no training and attempted to run 3 miles..  I had no idea what I was doing, I ran too fast, hated it, and immediately quit.  So I count September 24, 2007 as my first run.)  It was the “run” before I started the couch to 5k program.  After that I ran a 5k.  Then a 10k.  Then decided to run every day (for 3 1/2 years).  Ran some half marathons and eventually a marathon.

A Few Stats (because I love stats):

My first “run” was September 24, 2007.  Distance:  1.6 miles Pace:  18:45

During the couch to 5k program, my pace seemed to bounce around 14:00 min miles

My first 5k was a Turkey Trot on November 27, 2007.  Pace 11:10 (and I was ELATED with that pace)

My best 5k was June 7, 2009 with an 8:51 pace! (I was even more elated with that pace)

My current pace seems to be around 14:00 min miles.  That totally means 8:51 is in my future, right?  hahahahaha