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Migrating – No Not That One

Back in December of 2010, I wrote about how I had become a Mac Fanboi.  Today is no different, I am still a huge Apple fan.  I’ve got an iPad (not a mini, but I’m okay with that) and have even moved over to having an iPhone.  So yeah, I’m an Apple Fan girl.  Today I unboxed my new Mac Air.  As I went through the process of migrating over to the Air, it struck me how easy this is.

A few things, I did NOT just back up my old Mac Book Pro to Time Machine.  The Air is a new machine, several years newer, including a new OS, I wanted a fresh start.  The really cool thing is between technology and they way things are (download everything over fast internet speeds versus DVDs/CDs) and Apple’s “it just works” methodology, I am moving right into the Air with ease.

First I downloaded Chrome.  Easy.  Go to the site, click a button, boom.  Next up, Skype.  Same thing, go to site, download, sign in.  Skype was actually one of the more difficult things to really get running as it doesn’t keep any of your settings.  My sounds for each event (and there are a lot of them) and my individual chat notifications all needed to be re-done.  And it took quite a while for all the chat history to load.  I really wish it wouldn’t do that, as I don’t care about the chat history.

I needed 1Password next to log into all those websites and applications, but first I would need Dropbox.  Again, go to dropbox.com, download and BAM all my files are now on the new Air.  Download 1Password and here was where I was really impressed, it found my sync file in Dropbox and I didn’t have to enter any license keys or anything, just my password.  (Update: I did later get prompted for a license key, but it was still SUPER easy).

Oh and of course, since this is an Apple product, once I logged in with my Apple ID all sorts of things started automagically synching between the Air and my iPad and my phone.

I fully realize the ease of this was not due to Apple alone, but in large part due to the way the internet works these days but regardless of why or how, MAN was this easy.