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Article Catch Up!

I’ve been a bit remiss in blogging about the articles I post over at SocialBizUg.org.  Go check out the articles section for the full list.  Here are a few of the topics I’ve posted about:

IBM Verse


Custom Preferences






SocialBizUg Articles – July Edition

And here we are, the July edition of articles posted on SocialBizUg.org…

Fixing Issues in SourceTree

I’ve written a few articles on source control.  As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a big fan of source control.  In those articles, I use the Mercurial plugin within Domino Designer with a Bitbucket repository. Lately, I’ve been using Sourcetree to take care of the handling between the NSF, the on disk project, and the online repository.  No solution is 100% perfect and Sourcetree has its issues. However, a colleague and I were just discussing that the issues still outweigh the problems you have without any source control, but I digress.

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Better JavaScript

With XPages, many of us are writing JavaScript for the first time.  As often happens, we learn by doing.  Learning by doing often means taking other developers’ examples and changing them to our own needs.  Unfortunately, learning from examples does NOT always mean we learn best practices for a language or technology.

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Can I Use This?

With the wonderful number of browsers and the many versions that each browser comes in, it can be a bit confusing and difficult to know if you can use a particular piece of code.  I’ve previously written about how to TEST all those browsers with BrowserStack,  but wouldn’t it be much easier if you just knew beforehand if a line of code would work?

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WTDT – File Upload and File Download controls

In this installment of “What Does This Do,” I cover the file upload and file download controls for XPages.

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SocialBizUg Articles: Notes Dev Tips March Edition

March Notes Dev Tips articles are available:

Intimidating Themes

I admit it, I was intimidated.  I’m not sure why, but every time I saw a session on themes, I thought, “I should go to that”, or a blog post, “I should read that”, but I didn’t for the longest time.  I had some misconceptions that intimidated me.

My first misconception was that themes were hard.  They aren’t.  I’ll show you how to create a theme in just a few minutes.

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Testing! Testing! Testing!

You test your applications, right? Of course you do.  But where do you test it?  Do you test on multiple browsers?  What about multiple operating systems?  You could have 10 different VMs with multiple browsers installed, or you could just use browserstack.com.

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WDTD – Dynamic Content Control

What Does This Do?  In this installment of What Does This Do, I cover the Dynamic Content Control from the Extension Library in XPages.

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WDTD – Bootstrap Growl Notifications

In this What Does This Do, I demo growl-like notifications for Twitter Bootstrap in XPages!  Get the files here to use with your applications, http://ifightcrime.github.io/bootstrap-growl/

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