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Odd Problem with Mercurial and Bitbucket and Domino

I’ve been using source control for a while now.  I’m a convert and a huge fan.  I’ve been using Mercurial in Domino Designer 9 pushed up to Bitbucket.  I’ve had several different projects, some alone and some with a team.  I’ve gotten to the point where I prefer to use source control over not using it.


I ran into an odd problem.  I created a new NSF in Designer.  I shared it up to bitbucket.  I opened up a new VM and pulled down a clone of the repository (something I’ve done many times).  Designer went through all the normal steps and then… nothing happened.  The repository never appeared in Designer.  Just for the heck of it, I pulled down another repository I had access to, same steps and POOF there it was in Designer.  Tried another clone of another repository and … nothing.

I tried the same thing in another VM that I have been using for months with zero problems and same results.  Two different VMs.  One with Designer 8.5.3 UP1 and one with Designer 9.  App A works perfectly on both.  App B doesn’t work on either.

The folder for App B ends up in the workspace folder, just like App A.  However, it never appears in Designer’s Navigator or Package Explorer.  Refresh doesn’t work.  Closing and re-opening Designer doesn’t work.  Even creating a new NSF and trying to link it to the repository doesn’t work.  App A appears in the list of choices, but App B does not.  Spinning my chair clockwise didn’t help either.  Nor did throwing salt over my shoulder.

On my original VM, I can still commit and push up the changes to Bitbucket for App B (well for App A, too, but that one’s working so that makes sense).

Anyone?  Any thoughts?  Anyone else seeing this?  (For the record, I had a co-worker try and pull the clone, too and he had the same exact results).