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Best Thumbnail Ever – BlackBerry Today

It’s BlackBerry Today, episode 23 and it’s the best video thumbnail ever.  Also the episode where Chris gives his opinion of the Z10.  And I don’t.  Because I don’t have one.  Not that I’m bitter.

Check it out!

BlackBerry 10 Review Episode

Chris and I had the opportunity to record our latest episode of BlackBerry Today while we were at IBM Connect.  It coincided with the BlackBerry 10 worldwide launch, which was also streamed to IBM Connect.

In this episode, we were given a BlackBerry 10 device and got to walk through the features.  I have to say this is a really cool device, but watch the episode to see why…


BlackBerry Today – Episode 17

We talk about the news from BlackBerry World, and as always suggest apps, provide tips, and more!

BlackBerry Today Logo

BlackBerry Today Episode 17

Saturday the 14th

It’s Friday, the 13th. It was Friday the 13th when I drafted this blog post and forgot to post it. What better way to enjoy than to watch episode 13 of BlackBerry Today!

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BlackBerry Today Episode 12 – Deep Sleep

Episode 12 of BlackBerry Today is out! As usual, we chat about apps, tips, news and more! New studio for this episode and much to my embarrassment, an outtake at the end.  Be sure and check it out!

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